Refund Policy

We Aarav Tender Consultant Private Limited are thankful to you for shown interest to subscribe our service. We strongly recommend you to go through our refund policy before subscribing our service.

Subscription can be cancelled within 15 Days of payment. Refund will be processed within 14 working days after receiving request on

No refunds can be claimed after 15 Days of payment.

We take all measures to provide you accurate service but still You cannot claim refund for the reasons mentioned below.

You (Aarav Tender Consultant Private Limited) are not providing new tenders or current tenders update – Basically we are not providing tenders information service. We are consultants for tendering process. Demand of this kind of service will not be fulfilled nor refund will be processed.

You committed this much TAT for such works –

Basically, some time GeM Portal or other portals server can be down for many reasons like upgradation or maintenance or any other reasons. And we are not their agent. We are not guarantying TAT if this kind of issues are faced.

We are consultants and we are working for you from your profile for the government portals, if there are terms or requirements of documentations which you are failed to compile, we will be not responsible for that. You have to provide it to us for the process before time to complete the work.

Documents related issues like,

If we have any formats with us related to a particular product listing or tender bidding or for any other process, we will surely provide it to you but if we are not having it than we are not responsible for any issues related to it. You have to manage the same.

We will not create/modify/draft any documents for you. You are responsible to provide such documents which required for any process. We are only handling the process. If any issues raised for fake documentation or any other related to documentations then we are not responsible for that