What is Vender Assessment GeM?

A vendor Assessment is performed to determine the quaity of a product or service. Pre-assessed Vendors are tagged as VA in front of their names at GeM marketplace and hence the confidence of prospective buyers grows manifold when they are aware they are transaction with Selrs whose credentials are already verified and authenticated.

At present, Vendor Assessment is done by the Rail India Technical and Economic Service (RITES). The RITES Vendor Assessment is done online,and the fee has to be paid directly to RITES. It is an important step for evaluating the credentials and quality standards of the seller.After Video Assessment,the seler getsthe OEM Panel or OEM certificate in GeM.

Who can apply for Vendor Assessment on GeM?

Vendor Assessment is mandatory for sellers who want to participate in the pubic procurement of Q1 and Q2 category products on GeM.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) can apply for Vendor Assessment if they are:

  • Manufaturing Unit
  • Assembling Unit
  • Third-Party manufacturer with or without Brand Name

If the products are manufactured outside India, and that ocation does not share a land border with India, then the manufacturing entity should become a Deemed OEM on GeM.

GeM Vendor Assessment Fees

The new vendor validation policy invalidates the exemption given to original equipment manufactures (OEMs) on the GeM platform for vendor assessment based on the NSIC and UCC certificate. As a result, such vendors are now required to undergo a GeM Vendor assessment by RITES within a period of 30 days

Such as:-

Annual Turnover Vendor assessment Fee inclusive of GST
Up to 20 lakhs ₹ 871.61
From 20lakh - 1Cr ₹ 1743.22
More than 1 Cr ₹ 3486.44
Caution Money Deposit Fees
Seller Turnover less than 1 Crore Rs 5,000/-
Seller Turnover in between 1 Crore and 10 Crores Rs 10,000/-
Seller Turnover more than 10 Crores Rs 25,000/-

Note: The aformentioned Fees is exclusive of GST.

Documents Required for GeM Vendor Assessment